April 1996

Diary beloved,

Things have not improved much from this summer. At the very least Sonnet has given up on ignoring me. Whether due to us being in all the same classes or due to my threats to "snap his little twink neck if he ever pulls that crap again" we will never know. He's the only Slytherin who will pay attention to me anymore. In all the chaos of late, I had forgotten the sheer volume of points I lost us last year. It's not like we had any chance of winning, what with Dumbledore's blatant favoritism. But nothing will stop a Slytherin's house pride.

It's not only the Slytherins giving me the silent treatment. I've hardly seen Tony, even in classes we're supposed to have together. Why is he avoiding me? Are we not dating? Is he… cheating on me? I bet it's with that fruity little Beauxbaton boy from last year, David or whatever. I had told him the veela magic was curdling whatever brain cells he had left in there but he was never one to believe me. Whatever. I don't need a man tying me down anyway. Dennis better keep his mitts off of him though, or he'll be met with something worse than lactose intolerance.

Academics have been literal hell. Every teacher is piling on the homework in preparation for our OWL exams, leaving me with little time for what really matters: making sure Sonnet will never abandon me again. All my free time is spent studying and slipping in casual reminders that no one can care for him but me. Removing factors such as Darren has been difficult, but I'm sure I can be rid of him with enough time. The only upside on the tyrannical reign of our new "Hogwarts High Inquisitor" is that meeting up is almost impossible for them. Point to me.

Despite the small victory that was Educational Decree 24, the growing oppressive nature of Hogwarts has been grating. My temper has been at an all time high, so is it really my fault if I snap at some silly underclassmen? If you're going to harass someone, don't block the goddamn hallways. The Slytherin solidarity had all but dissolved in me, so I quick-fired some stinging hexes at the perpetrators to clear them out of my path. Unfortunately, their victim saw this as a sign of compassion and has been hounding me everywhere I go. Who knew a Hufflepuff could be this annoying? Or was it just part of being a first year? I'm sure I wasn't that bad.

So now I had not only a boy to manipulate, but an eager little henchman who seemed to see me as some kind of god. Being popular is so exhausting. I was venting my frustrations to Sonnet over Potions when I heard a delicious morsel of conversation. It seemed Tony was hiding out in the library. Apparently, Kai was spending a lot of time there and had glimpsed him muttering to himself and nibbling the pages. How pathetic he had become without me. Despite my eagerness to confirm for myself, I knew my presence was likely to make him scatter. He clearly didn't want anything to do with me anymore. Luckily, I had recently acquired the perfect spy. No one would suspect an innocent little first year 'Puff of eavesdropping.

As OWLs approach the stress amongst my peers has become palpable. It seems every fifth year has been hunkering down to study. Not me though, I have the patented Dahlia Clawthorne method of "just winging it" to rely on. Potions would be an easy O, and E's were guaranteed for most other classes. Who needs to study when you're this successful? Sonnet seems wary of my methods but I've assured him nothing will go wrong. Besides, I needed the time to work on developing new hexes. After the success of my lactose intolerance jinx I felt I had a future in spell development. Professor Snape directed me towards potions during our career meeting, but who's to say a girl can't do both? Besides, I need a nasty one once Tony shows his face again. He won't escape unscathed for breaking my heart.