May 1995

Dear diary,

Mother has decided Hogwarts is “too dangerous” for me. I guess the fight was the last straw. She was really mad when that disciplinary report got sent home. Mad enough to send a howler. The other Slytherins wouldn't let it go for weeks. But who could blame me? That Burvis really had it coming, messing with my Tony and all.

Around December, the Yule Ball fever was sweeping across Hogwarts. Other girls were anxiously awaiting a date, but I had nothing to worry about. Tony was going to ask me, after all. We were basically a couple anyways. But it seems some people had yet to get the picture.

Tony and I were walking to Potions when I heard it. A sniveling, buttery voice echoed from the nearby boys bathroom. “I'd give up butter if I could only have you, Tony.” I blacked out in rage. At the next moment, my hand was around Burvis's collar and I was dragging him into the hall. My wand sat forgotten in my pocket as I whaled on him, thrashing him with my fists. The guy could hardly get a word in. It was the most alive I'd felt in a while.

Unfortunately, my fun was cut short. Sonnet and Darren had come our way, and the former turned pale as a sheet before spinning on his heel to grab a teacher. Tony leapt to stop him and was met with Darren's fist to his face. Bad decision. Tony flipped open his pocket knife and started swinging wildly. I could only stand there and gape. Dreamy.

Burvis, the buttery dolt, tried to slip away while I was distracted. As he struggled to wriggle out of my grasp I pulled out my wand and levied it at his chest. “Lactose intolerous!” He turned a nasty shade of green before finally slipping my grip and making a beeline for the bathroom. After that was a blur of fists, blades, and shouted hexes. I must've sent at least three people to the hospital wing. Even as the swarm of angry teachers descended to break us up, I couldn't keep a grin off my face.

The adrenaline from the fight didn't last long. Aside from the howler, Sonnet wasn't talking to me. I still hadn't gained much popularity with the other Slytherins, and the points I lost weren't much help. I was lonely without him. Tony was no help. Though he did ask me to the ball, he spent the whole night ogling that Beauxbatons boy Daniel when he thought I wasn't looking. The nerve.

The rest of the year passed in an unfocused blur. Harry came out of the final task raving like a lunatic about Voldemort's return and that was enough for Mother to go full freak-out mode. She insisted I leave Hogwarts and enroll in a Muggle highschool. Of course I fought back. No way would I leave the wizarding world behind. No way would I leave Tony and Sonnet behind, even if they ignored my letters. Our resulting screaming match lasted over an hour, ending with me throwing my stuff into a bag and flooing to Dads. The letter she sent after me made it clear, I wasn't welcome at her house anymore. My mother had abandoned me.

This entry is getting too long for my liking. It's hard to keep up with a diary when your entire life gets turned upside down. I can only hope my friends will stop ignoring me. I need them more now than ever. Year five, you better be worth it.