Oct. 1994

Precious Diary,

They should rename the Triwizard Tournament the Trivial Tournament. Could Dumbledore pick a worse time to unveil the news? For a brief moment it had seemed like a viable way to raise my popularity, but the age cap meant it would be naught but a hindrance. A barrier between me and my new goal: winning Tony's heart.

I realized it while spending some of the summer with him in NYC. As he showed me to his family's deli (a front for their mafia business) and excitedly introduced me to the neighborhood rats he seemed almost... cute? Could he even be cute? This was Tony after all. But my eyes hadn't deceived me. I found myself doodling hearts in the margins of my summer homework. Professor Snape would have a field day with this.

Clearly I wasn't the only one with an eye on Tony. Burvis has been sending me aggressive glances every time we pass. Maybe he's trying to cast a silent hex? It seems way outside his skill level. Worse than that, he's been smiling at Tony. Disgusting.

The visiting students were even worse. This Beauxbatons boy, Daniel, has been stealing all of Tony's attention. Instead of snickering with me about their silly silk uniforms he had the audacity to defend them. So what if the climate was warmer there. They were stupid and gay! Daniel was stupid and gay. But all Tony could do was fawn over him. Daniel did this, Daniel told me about that, I was ready to risk Azkaban to get rid of that clown.

No matter, this year promises to be interesting. And if I had to get violent to have my way, so be it.