Dec. 1992

Darling diary,

Year two of Hogwarts is already off to a disastrous start. That Harry Potter decided he wasn't popular enough, it seems, because the fool decided to skip the train altogether and take a flying car. I had been so hopeful, as he had been nowhere to be found for the opening feast. Maybe our headmaster finally gained some sense and expelled him. But no. He was pulling yet another reckless Gryffindor stunt.

At least we finally have a decent DADA teacher. Professor Lockhart has traversed the world saving lives and writing books about it. I swear, the line at Flourish and Blotts was out the door. He's dreamy too, nothing like that sniveling Quirrel. Supposed to be a professor and yet far too easy to upset. Crybaby.

Speaking of crybabies, the school has been launched into a panic after finding that dead cat. Or petrified. Whatever. As a pureblood wizard, I have nothing to worry about. Sonnet seems to have worked himself into a panic, though. I suppose that's what he gets for associating with the lesser sort (Gryffindors, mind you, not muggleborns). That whole house is bonkers.

Tony Gabagool has been picking fights with me lately. He seemed to think I was a weak target, or something, but I quickly showed him who's-who with a well timed stinging hex. Is this what it feels like to have a rival? Dad said it's a Hogwarts tradition to have one, but I always thought that was a first year thing. Draco and Harry have been at each other's throats since day one. Last year, I thought myself above it all, but I must admit I'm enjoying the theatrics.

I can barely go five feet down the halls without him jumping me. That Italian menace is more of a danger than the damn snake. I must've used every hex in the book and still he comes after me. Sometimes with knives. Ah Hogwarts, the "safest place on the planet."

Professors Snape and Lockhart are starting a dueling club. Perhaps they think we can "expelliarmus" our way out of petrification. I think I'll go, learning proper duelling technique will be useful if Tony ever decides to challenge me in a refined manner. And this time if I hex someone, it's well within the rules. Maybe I'll even get partnered with Harry Potter. Winning against him will surely garner attention.

Until next time <3