June 1992

Lovely Diary,

Today was another of the unloveliest days. And it started out so well too... Slytherin house proved our dominance by winning the House Cup! One of the upperclassmen told me it was our 7th in a row. I was proud of myself for those points earned in potions class. Studying up was a great decision. But then he had to ruin it all, the same as he's ruined every important thing this year. Harry Potter.

Him and his little group of friends did something reckless and wholly Gryffindor. Idiot ended up in the hospital for 3 entire days! I wish he would've stayed longer. Maybe then it wouldn't have happened. Dumbledore must favor them. Awarding so many last minute points, augh! In one instant my hopes were shattered across the floors of the Great Hall. So were the remains of one of the glass chalices. Oops.

Every quidditch match, every class shared, even when I went out of my way to avoid him, Harry messed things up. What kind of eleven year old chases after a troll on his own? A Gryffindor, I suppose. They're all wrong in the head. Just my luck the only other American is a loudmouthed Italian Gryff. Not that my classmates are much better. All of them are pretty boys and spineless idiots. A disgrace to the name Salazar Slytherin.

Professor Snape may be my only ally in all this. He seemed genuinely impressed with my skill on the exam. One day I will brew my own glory, and overtake the golden "Boy Who Lived". For now though, I will enjoy his floundering in potions.

Pretty soon I'll be going home to America. It's strange how someplace so foreign can quickly become home. I've missed Mom and Dad, but I think I'll miss the old Hogwarts castle more. Castles can't send care packages, after all. At least I'll have more free time over summer break. Harry Potter, your popularity is mine!