Nov. 1997

Dear diary,

If Hogwarts has taught me anything, it's that even in crisis life will go on. The Ministry has fallen, Death Eaters have invaded our school lives, and my daughter, Eloisa Burvis Clawthorne-Gabagool, was born.

She's small. And fragile. I hadn't realized how weak babies were. Tony and I take turns watching her in class, one focusing on their studies while the other keeps Eloisa entertained. I don't think our teachers or new Death Eater neighbors like her very much, but they haven't given us much trouble yet. Maybe due to Tony's "family influence", or her pureblood status. If they did try anything they wouldn't make it very far. I'd gladly massacre the entire castle if it meant keeping her little head safe.

I've only been a mother (father?) for a month or so, but I think I'm doing an okay job. At the very least I can treat Eloisa with more care than my own parents afforded me. Surprisingly, I owe a lot to Burvis. As buttery as he may be, he's gotten more mature since starting the Buttered Beetle. He even provided his restaurant as a safe place for Tony to give birth. Now that the Death Eaters are here, those are few and far between. We thought it only right to make him dear Eloisa's godfather, and to name her in his honor. Eloisa Burvis Clawthorne-Gabagool, after the kindest man we know.

Sonnet's been reliable too. He's good with children, and I think spending time with Eloisa helps keep his mind off of things. Darren was forced into hiding with the fall of the Ministry, being a muggleborn and all. Sonnet hasn't said it himself, but it's clear (despite my best efforts) he cares for the man a lot. Seeing his dejected face, I can't even bring myself to taunt him as I normally would. Perhaps I am maturing as well.

If only the same could be said for our "chosen hero" Harry Potter. The one time we needed his Gryffindor brand of foolhardiness he disappeared completely, abandoning everyone else. Half our class is gone, either in hiding due to their muggle parentage or, at worst, dead. Not that we talk much about them, everyones just doing their best to survive. Myself included. The old Dollie would never put up with these atrocities, but the Dollie of now has someone relying on her. Eloisa… happy, smiling, Eloisa… she is my light though this darkness. I must keep her safe. We must get through this.